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We at Supply & Demand are a brokerage firm. We assist clients who are trying to buy/sell products or services by providing them with guaranteed, serious and capable companies or individuals who are ready to make business and finalize the deal promptly and professionally. Buyers/Suppliers may have valuable commodities for sale/purchase which will involve multi million dollar contracts and procedures. Unfortunately in this field many times buyers/suppliers do not know who to speak to or trust due to the many imposters who try to gain from these deals for their own selfish needs and others who will waste time and not complete the deals in the end. We at Supply & Demand receive a detailed request from our clients regarding their requirements on the purchase or supply of their products. Due to our extensive contacts and network in Middle East and Gulf Region for the past 35 years we know exactly who to contact in order to make sure that our client's transactions are finalized professionally and promptly. This service avoids the inconveniences, disappointments, and time wasted for our clients in trying to find capable, serious, and professional buyers/suppliers for their products and/or services. Once we receive a request, we at S&D thoroughly analyze the request and prepare a complete transaction plan. After 72 hours we return to the client with an approval. Once the client's request is approved by S&D this means that their requirements will be met and finalized. We play the role of the "middle man" between our clients and the many individuals and companies we deal with. As far as the clients are concerned they are dealing with us only. This extremely professional service assures the supplier/buyer that once their request is approved that the deal will be done and finalized, which as I mentioned earlier relieves them from dealing with people who are not serious or giant corporations who will probably provide them with less than what they deserve.

Please keep +965 before the number when you dial.
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